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I swear the Japanese have a lock on the taboo things we all enjoy… in a very secret way. Take these two Japanese hermaphrodites for instance. They are a picture perfect example of what Futanari is all about. Two hot girls born with both a cock and a pussy sharing their love for sex with one another. And looking beautifully hot doing it!

So many lesbian videos show girls kissing, but not like this. These girls share each others tongue like it was made out of cotton candy. Spittle rolls down one girls cheek and the other girl licks it up!

Futanari Empire is filled with Futanari girls. They update the network daily and you get access to sites in other niches as well. I like watching chicks pee and they have that covered. I like watching girls changing their clothes while they think nobody is looking. Covered!

But I keep coming back to Futanari Empire because there is something strangely hot about girls with boobs, cocks and pussies sharing in each others sexuality 100%!

Share in the moment at Futanari Empire!

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I have to admit the first time I came across Futanari I had no idea what it was, let alone if it was hot or not. After a little research I soon discovered this very interesting niche was the Japanese word for hermaphroditism. These chicks with dicks often have large penises and trust me they know exactly what to do with them.

There’s some truly Shocking Futanari that will open your eyes to a new world of seriously wicked xxx porn. These girls are hot and they’re ready for willing men just like yourself to come and have a good time with them. Show them that you’re not afraid to take their big cocks deep inside your smooth little ass!

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