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Get ready for something truly unique and quite interesting. The site is called Futanari Diary. It follows a girl named Emmie and her sexual adventures. Emmie isn’t like most girls though… She has a cock and a pussy!

In this episode her friend Lisa invites her boyfriend Rex over. Lisa wants Emmie to experience sex with another boy instead of just fucking girls all of the time.


At first Rex can’t believe his good fortune. Lisa is hot and everybody at school wanted to get into her panties. Now she was going to let him fuck her hot friend Emmie too? Sweeeeeeeet!

The teenage coeds got naked and ready to fuck.


Boing! BOING! Wooooaaaahhhh!

Rex wasn’t expecting to see a bigger cock than his own on a girl. What in the fuck? Lisa immediately broke into a story about Emmie and how she isn’t a boy, after all, she has girl parts too!

Rex didn’t know what to think…


Lisa told Rex to look at Emmie. Look into her eyes. All she has ever wanted is to be normal. With a few tugs of his cock Lisa had Rex warming up to the idea a little bit.

Rex and Emmie began to kiss and it did indeed feel just like kissing a normal girl like Lisa. Her grabbed her boob and noticed it was bigger than Lisa’s boobies put together. Then Lisa started rubbing their cocks together.

As much as he wanted to pull away, it felt good to do something weird for once. He always did everything by the book, but this time Rex was going to go outside of himself for once!


Before long he was jamming his cock up Lisa’s pussy while Emmie jammed her cock up Lisa’s ass. Both girls were purring and moaning. Rex could feel Emmie’s cock on the other side of Lisa’s pussy wall penetrating Lisa’s ass. As it moved in and out the sensations felt great on his own cock!


Lisa has never let Rex put his cock in her butt. He kind of felt a little jealous of Emmie in that respect. But then Emmie had a great idea. What if she let Rex fuck her butthole while she grinded her cock inside Lisa’s wet pussy?

Rex was all for it and as they both thrust around he couldn’t help but noticing it was like seeing the ultimate porno film. Only he was in it!

Futanari Diary is filled with Emmie’s stories about her sexual experiences as a hermaphrodite. This site is highly erotic and very worth it on it’s own. As if things couldn’t get more awesome you also get dozens more Futanari sites with your membership!

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futafan_2 futafan_4

Hidden deep inside the Nagano prefecture in Japan is a school where girls are taught how to have sex properly. The girls aren’t taught by men as they must save themselves for their future husbands. Instead they are taught how to suck cock by hermaphrodite girls with both a cock and a pussy!

In Japan the word for this kind of sex teacher is Futanari. At Futa Fun they have hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures depicting the secret school that teaches the art of love making.

Watch barely legal teens work their tongues on another girl’s cock. Watch them learn to suck and fuck at the same time. They even learn anal!

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This stuff really is the cat’s meow!

Futanari is the Japanese word for hermaphrodite. Girls that are born with both a cock and a pussy. Are you gay if you enjoy looking at them? Who fucking knows?

At Futanaria they use real girls with extremely large strapons to simulate hermaphrodites. That way you can be safe in knowing you are not gay. Maybe just a little… off…

Hey, I am not saying that I haven’t masturbated to watching these girls self suck themselves. After watching them I almost build up the urge to try it. Well, actually the urge is there… I just don’t have a 14 inch cock.

Anyway… Futanaria is a safe way for you to enjoy this highly erotic niche without feeling to weird about where your sexual identity lies. Try it out. You just might like it!

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