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Can you tell who is a babe and who is fake out of these photos? The correct answers might surprise you! See if you can tell the difference between the hot babes and the tranny girls at BabeorFake.com!

If you are into chicks with dicks you will probably score pretty high. The fun is bringing your tranny-phobic friends to the site and see how they do. Then ask them if maybe they like trannies too? Haha

Guys into babes will often score horribly. Ask yourself, how many babes do you see above? Are the blondes the same girl or two different ones? Are they even girls at all? Would it surprise you if the only babe were the one in the middle? Take the test!

Increase your ability to tell between the two over the course of picking from up to 200 different models. By the time you get to the end you will either be able to avoid the fakes or seek them out if that is what you are into.

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When was the last time you were thrilled when watching porn? I don’t know about you, but when I watch something a bit taboo the excitement of watching something I probably don’t want to get caught watching makes the whole thing that much more of a thrill!

This is where Hot Fucking Futanari Girls comes in. The site features futanari girls with both sets of genitalia. Hermaphrodite babes with a pussy where their ball sack should be get fucked in the ass in some very interesting videos. On top of that, no pun intended, some get both their ass and their pussy fucked at the same time.

This is one niche that is going to either completely turn you off or make your cock harder than it has ever been before. Are you ready to enjoy the futanari fun? Click on her big fat futanari cock and see what you have been missing.

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Gagging on a sunny day - shemale Nayla Vogue - PornJog.com

Some shemales like Nayla Vogue, shown here sucking a hard cock at Porn Jog, look so much like a female you are shocked when you find out there are not futanari.

Not sure what a futanari is? It is a girl born with both a cock and a pussy. Most parents of children with this condition make a tough choice on which sexual genitalia to keep and others decide to allow the child to grow up with both!

Porn Jog has daily updates of free tube videos. With hundreds of videos over 25 minutes long the site definitely has what it takes to consider itself high quality. Bookmark and return often to see what is trending. You can sort videos by most viewed and top rated to follow the trends.

Need a quick fix? Sort the videos by longest playing time!

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This is one of my favorite Futanaria videos of all time. There are so many good ones, but this one really sends me over the edge. Maybe because the girls in the video get sent over the edge as well?

The original futanari video is in HD and it is 24 minutes long. All 24 minutes are hotter than hell for different reasons. They go from the girlie talk you hear on sleepovers when you spy on your sister and her friends to super kinky. Watch the video and then we can talk more about Futanaria.com!


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Are you looking for some more futanari shemale porn sites, but are unsure of where to start your search? Just click that link and read the reviews at My Porn Diary. They have dozens of sites you haven’t seen before.

You can also watch some real shemale porn videos for free!

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I think it is about time you to take your Futanari obsession to the next level. No more of this hiding behind your keyboard and monitor. There are plenty of shemales out there ready to make you come. Shemale fuck and suck all night long just like you!

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Whether you’ve ever watched a hot porn video featuring a real shemale with a really big dick or not we hope you’ll enjoy this movie. If features a really nice looking chick with a big dick and some really nice round boobs. You’ll love those big tits bouncing while she rides her partner’s massive dong.

So just get ready for some of the kinkiest porn action in your whole life. This is going to be fucking hot and you gotta play this video now. For more don’t look elsewhere, just be back for more and we’ll make sure to feed you with unbelievable porn.

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Futanaria is one of those sites that incorporates all of the strange fantasies men have about women. The site features chicks with dicks performing in videos where the end result is usually a very messy facial. What makes the site different than most sites out there is that the girls give themselves the facials!

Unlike some of the other futanari sites out there Futanaria uses women in their videos. So if you ever wanted to enjoy shemale like porn without feeling like you were going gay, now is your chance!

The above video is very low resolution compared to the videos in the members area. Also the ones in the members area are full length. The Futanaria videos often follow some kind of fantasy script where the girls play both the boy and girl parts. Like a sister spying on her brother masturbating, only both participants are girls and both have rather large cocks!

Take the tour and see what futanari is all about!

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What their hot Futanari cocks dangle around in circles as they get their hermaphrodite pussies crammed full of hot, hard cock!

Hot Fucking Futanari Girls has the largest selection of Futanari girls to choose from. They have Asian girls, Ebony Futanari girls, Latin babes and white girls up the wazoo (literally up the wazoo!).

With one password you gain access to one of the most exciting networks ever created. Dozens of sites developed by fans of their respective niches! Each of the sites is well worth the price of admission, but you get them all for a lot less money!

Get your fix of Hot Fucking Futanari Girls before they come to their senses!

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I swear the Japanese have a lock on the taboo things we all enjoy… in a very secret way. Take these two Japanese hermaphrodites for instance. They are a picture perfect example of what Futanari is all about. Two hot girls born with both a cock and a pussy sharing their love for sex with one another. And looking beautifully hot doing it!

So many lesbian videos show girls kissing, but not like this. These girls share each others tongue like it was made out of cotton candy. Spittle rolls down one girls cheek and the other girl licks it up!

Futanari Empire is filled with Futanari girls. They update the network daily and you get access to sites in other niches as well. I like watching chicks pee and they have that covered. I like watching girls changing their clothes while they think nobody is looking. Covered!

But I keep coming back to Futanari Empire because there is something strangely hot about girls with boobs, cocks and pussies sharing in each others sexuality 100%!

Share in the moment at Futanari Empire!

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I would imagine that for most people the notion of futanari being real is odd. How can a girl have both a cock and a pussy? Science has a name for this and it is hermaphroditism. Girls born with both a cock and a pussy!

The only reason somebody could possibly have a problem with this kind of pornography is they aren’t sure about their own sexuality. True men know these girls are not abominations. They are naturally occurring, sexual driven women just like any other hot beauty.

Hot Fucking Futanari Girls explores the world these girls live in. A world where men are more accepting of what God has given them. Where men not only find the girls oddly exotic, but highly attractive. Imagine the extra sexual positions you can get into with a futanari girl!

With one password to Hot Fucking Futanari Girls you get also get access to the entire network. There are a dozen futanari sites along with many other niches! This is one password that will unlock and open your mind to some truly unique sexual genres!

Take the Hot Fucking Futanari Girls tour and check the bottom of the page for more details!

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One of the hottest subsections of the Futanari niche is watching the girls as they self suck themselves to orgasm. A lot of people think this niche has something to do with being gay, but from what I have seen it is actually the opposite!

Watching a girl self sucking her own cock isn’t about being gay. It is about seeing the girl getting the cock off with no hairy dudes in the movie to screw it all up! The last thing I want to see in my porn is a big hairy ass and a man’s butt dimples. Futanaria is all about hot chicks and big dicks getting sucked!

One thing that sets Futanaria apart from other sites like Futanari Lesbians and Hot Fucking Futanari Girls is that Futanaria is about fantasy, whereas the later two sites use real hermaphrodite girls!

Personally I like the fantasy aspects of it all and so this site works out great for me. The site is chock full of big tits, hot babes and cumshots so massive they are as hilarious as they are entertaining!

So how did I find this site? The water cooler if you can believe that!

I was minding my own business in my cubicle at work when I saw some of the guys busting up in the break room. Curious, I went in there to see what was so fucking entertaining and I have to admit, I was both turned on and flabbergasted at the same fucking time!

It was a pretty funny site. No, not the girl self sucking her huge cock in the video… I mean the guys watching the video. I could tell each and every one of them was going to go back to their cubicle and load Futanaria up on the company computer. You could see it written all over their faces. They were intrigued!

Being the system admin I got to watch all of them logging in to the site one by one. Yeah… Having my job has its perks I guess you could say. Hey, this site is nothing compared to some of the stuff I watch these guys login to and probably the least gay!

Anyway… Even I have my needs and I needed to see some more of this crazy shit. So once I got home I was all over the site too. The members area is filled with some naughty ass shit. Girls self suck, stroke off, suck each other off, mutually masturbate and more!

So if you are even the least bit curious I highly suggest trying out Futanaria. They use the most trusted name in adult billing – CCBILL. The charge comes up as something like Future Investments or some shit so I just told the old lady it was for our stock account. Haha!

Anyway… Check this shit out!

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A Futanari video done in a way that only the Japanese can pull off correctly… No pun intended!

This video starts out with a hot futanari girl furiously jacking herself off. Her cock is jutting out of her white cotton panties and you can tell her nuts need some relief. The only problem is she isn’t used to jacking off so she isn’t really to sure if she is doing it right.

So her friend is watching her and takes some pity on her. She grabs hold of her Futanari Lesbians cock and starts slowly working it and pulling on it for her. She plays with the precum and practically turns the movie into a Bukkake video!

Get the entire hot episode at Futanari Lesbians. The site updates weekly and is part of a huge network of Futanari sites. If you enjoy this niche or are just really curious this pass is perfect for you. Along with the Futanari sites you get regular sites like candid beach photos, teen sex, MILF sex and more!

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There is a saying in the social communities that if you don’t have pics it didn’t happen. Well, how about a video? Watch as Abby shoots a massive cum blast from her Futanaria cock!

This site is off the hook. There are a lot of Anime sites like Futa Fun, but when you want to see real girls playing with huge cocks you have to go to Futanaria!

Don’t worry, you aren’t gay! These are real girls and the cocks are strapons. This is about as entertaining as adult entertainment can get!

Futanari Girls self suck and suck each otherthen they fuck each other!




Hot Futanari Girls is all about hot chicks with dicks… and pussies!

Well… some of them anyway…

Futanari is the Japanese word for hermaphrodite – One that is born with the genitals of both sexes. In most cases the parents of such a baby are given a choice to choose which sex they want to keep, however, in some cases the children aren’t given surgery and are allowed to hit puberty with both sets of genitals!

When this happens the guys at Hot Fucking Futanari Girls put them on the Internet in some pretty hot videos. Watch girls with a pussy and a cock get rammed full of male cock meat!

The number of hot hermaphrodites in the world willing to do porn isn’t pretty limited, so the guys at Hot Futanari Girls decided to do some out of the box thinking. They find the hottest babes on the net and put a cock on them!

What you end up with is a truly hot girl with the right proportions and no crazy sized Adam’s apple. Highly erotic! Ever wanted to see Jennifer Aniston with a cock? Now you can!

Take the tour and explore the insanely erotic world of Futanari!

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Shemale Webcams
Shocking Futanari

I have to admit the first time I came across Futanari I had no idea what it was, let alone if it was hot or not. After a little research I soon discovered this very interesting niche was the Japanese word for hermaphroditism. These chicks with dicks often have large penises and trust me they know exactly what to do with them.

There’s some truly Shocking Futanari that will open your eyes to a new world of seriously wicked xxx porn. These girls are hot and they’re ready for willing men just like yourself to come and have a good time with them. Show them that you’re not afraid to take their big cocks deep inside your smooth little ass!

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