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Can you tell who is a babe and who is fake out of these photos? The correct answers might surprise you! See if you can tell the difference between the hot babes and the tranny girls at BabeorFake.com!

If you are into chicks with dicks you will probably score pretty high. The fun is bringing your tranny-phobic friends to the site and see how they do. Then ask them if maybe they like trannies too? Haha

Guys into babes will often score horribly. Ask yourself, how many babes do you see above? Are the blondes the same girl or two different ones? Are they even girls at all? Would it surprise you if the only babe were the one in the middle? Take the test!

Increase your ability to tell between the two over the course of picking from up to 200 different models. By the time you get to the end you will either be able to avoid the fakes or seek them out if that is what you are into.

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