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I have a lot of Emails from guys that don’t understand the Futanari niche. They wonder if the cocks the girls have are really there or if they are somehow put on using Hollywood makeup effects. I can attest that they are as real as your own cock. Provided you have one.

Futanari girls are hermaphrodites. Which are people that are born with both sets of genitals. There are varying stages of growth between the different genitalia and their supporting bodily parts. Doctors make an educated guess as to which gender is more developed in the newborn baby (if that is even possible) and then they remove or sew up the parts they figure are "wrong". Sadly they often get it wrong. Many transsexuals and butch lesbians are the offspring of their failed experiments.

In Japan the doctors decided to leave both sexes in tact in the individual making them hermaphrodites. Their word for this is Futanari. And there you go. Now you know these women really do exist and are far more common than you might think.

Not sure if they are right for you? Watch the pegging video above and see if these mistresses interest you in their favorite pastime: fucking men in the ass and having them suck their cocks. If you get a boner you probably like Futanari. If not, then maybe this site isn’t for you.

If that is true then you will enjoy the fact that you can get free HD porn on the PornHD tube!

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