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These chicks have dicks, but they also have pussies as well. What gives? It is called being a hermaphrodite. It is a lot more common than most people would know, but most people never hear about it. That is because doctors pressure new parents to choose the sex of their child and then they do "reconstructive surgery" to make the child appear to be one way or the other.

Sometimes the kids are born outside of the hospital and the parents let the child be. Once it grows up you can end up with a hot chick that has both sets of genitalia. That is why hermaphrodites seem to be a lot more prevalent in third world countries. More kids born outside of hospitals.


At Hot Fucking Futanari Girls you can watch hot babes both receiving and giving. We are not talking about shemales here. We are talking about girls with both sets of plumbing and it is all in working order!

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