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I would be the first to admit that PlainTube.com is not the largest tube in the world, nor is it the most known. But when it comes to having hundreds of videos in every niche including the hard to find ones like Futanari you cannot go wrong here. It all has to do with how Plaintube obtains their videos. It is a whole new way of experiencing online porn.

How do they get these videos? Most porn tubes accept members and those members upload their videos from their personal collections. Nothing wrong with that. Well, except for the fact that thousands of those videos are going to be boring and tired. They will suck, but not in the context that the futanari pic above sucks. That is a good suck!

Those other sites are loaded with sucky videos you don’t care to see, but still have to sift through to find the hidden gems. On PlainTube there is no sifting because they don’t have uploads. They obtain their XXX videos by scanning the hottest porn tubes on the net and aggregating their very best videos in each category.

While viewing the Futanari videos you will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality of the videos and the sheer number of them. Now you can spend your time trying to decide which video is a perfect ten instead of kicking so many shitty ones to the curb.

When you want high quality make it xnxx porn!

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