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I’m most likely the most random guy you’ll meet, I’m not gay and I very much like girls, however there’s always been something about shemales that has got me turned on. Maybe it’s the fact they have boobs and a cock? I’m not sure but I can never get them out of my head. Today I was really in the mood for watching some shemale bareback action and I wasn’t going to stop until I found it. Looking for some Shemale porn discounts to use I went over to Porn Discounts and checked out their category for shemale deals.

Right away I was spoiled for choice, I’d like to know where they get all these discounted porn deals from! I was settled on three sites but wasn’t sure what one to join first, lucky for me Porn Discounts also has reviews on all the site discounts they have, so it was just a matter of clicking a link and seeing what they though about the site before I joined it. Life couldn’t get any easier than this and neither could hot shemale porn!

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I think this has happened to many of us, your out at a bar you end up getting pretty drunk and you take a girl home with you. Well at least you thought it was a girl, by the time she undresses and you realize she has a cock it’s to late, you end up banging that shemale just because you needed to drop a load. Now turn this around and picture a girl picking up another girl only to find out that girl is from TS Pussy Hunters and she wants to dominate you on camera!

It’s a really fucking interesting mix, by the time these girls know what’s going on they’re already being dominated by hung shemale mistresses. They have 200+ hardcore videos for you to watch right now, add into that mix 11,500 HQ photos and you’ve got some good times ahead of you watching hot sluts being fucked on camera. You guys totally need to use this deal here and Save 53% with this discount link to TS Pussy Hunters!

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a lazy guy, even when it comes to finding a good directory for porn. I’m certainly not the type of guy that will spend countless hours searching around for a specific type of porn site. I mean why bother doing this when there are loads of great directory sites out there that have done the job for you? I just see it as wasting time and I am not a fan of that, well not unless it doing something that I like to do!

The other neat thing about finding porn like this is you can change your taste. I mean one day I might want to watch nothing but free porn tube videos, the next I might be in the mood for seeing the best cam sites online. If you’re the type of guy like I am and just want to sit back and take it easy using a porn directory service is definitely the way to go!

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I like my shemale girls yummy, I also like them soft and sweet to touch. The babes I’ve seen so far from Shemale Yum all meet my criteria so far. With both softcore and hardcore shemale sex videos this site caters to those who like things slow like myself, or those that just want fast hardcore sex videos. Shemale Yum has 7 exclusive updates a week, more than 1,800 models and over 10,000 videos. There’s so much content you could be spend months looking through it all, if you become a full member that is.

If you guys use our big 45% discount to Shemale Yum you can download or stream the videos, you can even watch them on your mobile devices. Shemale Yum has really thought of everything, a site that’s got extremely high amount of content and is user friendly as well. Now you can be sure when joining this site that you’ll be getting access to one of the best shemale sites around, it’s been online for 20 years! So you know the quality is awesome.

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I must say I’ve not seen a shemale video like this before, it’s shot in 3D and well I must say it looks totally awesome. A few seconds pass and in walks this totally gorgeous babes with some of the firmest tits I’ve ever seen. She presents herself to that shemale showing her how sweet that tight body of hers is, now this cutie can’t resist pulling out her massive cock. Now is where the real fun begins, down on her knees that busty babe takes it upon herself to suck every last drop of sperm from that busty shemales dick.

Now this might just be a toon sex video but I still get aroused by it. The action looks totally awesome in 3D and the girls are mind blowingly sexy. Like I said before I’ve never really watched toon sex videos like this one before, but after watching this one I’ll definitely be checking out loads more of them. You guys need to view the movie as well I know you’ll love it, see it here and tell me what you think!

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I know you guys are going to like reading this, why is that you ask? Well, who wouldn’t like to find out the top ten discounts to the best tranny sites? I know I sure would. Tranny porn to me is one of the most kinkiest things you could dare to watch, I know some straight guys that can’t watch enough shemale sex tapes! Finding a decent site to watch 100% exclusive content on is such a hassle, that’s why I was glad to see someone had already made a top 10 shemale discounts.

So, I guess the hard part is over and now the fun can begin. I can and well spend all day checking out each of these sites. I want to make sure whatever one I choose gets my hard earned cash for a reason. This top ten shemale list also includes some sweet looking discounts, make sure you pay attention to them and enjoy saving on accessing premium shemale porn!

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For those of us that like to dabble in the unknown, shemale porn has often been something of a taboo subject. Some men find it appealing while others do not, one thing that always gets me going though is a shemale stunner by the name of Tyra Scott. Even if you don’t get turned on by trannies, Tyra has something so sweet and sexy about her she often gets normally straight guys to have sex with her. Her site is filled with 100% exclusive content that will make you experience things you never though possible.

I’ve been a member at her site for ages now, the best way to join her members area is with a yearly discount deal, it saves you money and gets you 365 days of unlimited access to shemale porn. Brand new videos and pictures are added weekly, you can message her directly and loads more. I really find the live shows amazing, not only are they hot but as a member you get to watch them for free! Now before you go and visit Tyra at her site, take a look at this offer and save more with a 75% off Tyra Scott discount good on yearly passes!

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Shemale Club Discount

When you use Shemale Club discount for 44% off, you get instant access to all of the hottest Tgirls that the internet has to offer and you get it for a great price. Don’t waste your time with other sites because they just can’t compare to what you get here. The girls are all gorgeous and their cocks are always hard and ready for action.

When you man up and check out www.TrannyDiscounts.Club, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of finding tranny porn again. With all of the action that gets streamed right to your computer, you’ll get lost for days in amazing content at an amazing price. Try it right now and you will not be sorry.

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Kinky Kennedy is making quite a splash over at Rude.com, the only site with enough balls to show her sexy videos. Rude as always been a trailblazer when it comes to giving away free porn that doesn’t suck. Well, by that I mean the quality is good, Tgirls like KinkyKennedy definitely do a lot of sucking over there.

Watching shemale porn isn’t for everyone. When asked who it is for I usually tell people it is for those who are content with their sexuality. Often the guys who are most homophobic are the ones who secretly beat off to porn like this… so I guess in effect it is great for all types of viewers!

Here is a permalink to a KinkyKennedy preview.

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post-op ladyboypussy discount

Here at Futanari I like to post about the odd things that happen in life and today is no different. I just happened upon a website that shows you post-op ladyboys with their newly created virgin pussies!

I know that trying something out sucks because of all of the questions one might have. Are these ladies worth the price? Well, they are now because I also happened upon a ladyboy pussy discount with 17% in savings and gives you unlimited access.

Now you have no excuse for not trying this one of a kind site on for size!

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TS Playground Huge Cock Tranny

Transsexuals are a strange subject for society. All guys like to pretend that they have no interest in them, but the vast majority do. Even a large portion of women are curious about them. There are many different sites devoted to transsexuals, but what if you are just curious? Why should you have to pay full price just to see if you are even interested in them?

TS Playground has teamed up with Closeoutporn.com to let you dabble in the tranny world for just $9.95 for a full month. Closeout Porn has porn deals in dozens of niches so you really should consider bookmarking the site to get a new deal whenever you get horny. Without a doubt this deal is one of the best because it will let you play without feeling guilty about the price.

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Shocking Futanari

Admit it!

If you saw this girl’s big meaty cock you would suck it just the same as if she had a clit. That is what Shocking Futanari is all about. The idea of being surprised by a massive dick when you were expecting something else. You still have her pretty face and her luscious tits, but now you have to taste her salty sperm and she might want to feel a tight asshole gripping her cock just the same as you do!

Porn-World.biz has a nasty review of Shocking Futanari, plus many more transsexual and futanari related sites. Get in on the fun and download some pics to shock your friends as you slowly reveal the hot babe with the big cock!

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anale sexfilmpjes

Tube sites have always championed themselves on being by the people and for the people. But now a new genre of videos are taking over the tube-o-sphere and their owners are questioning their sexuality, their business models and how they conduct themselves.

Guys have always wondered about chicks with dicks. Most shy away from transvestites in public, but then are all over them in private sex clubs. Now there is a prevalent niche changing what defines a woman and a man. Hermaphrodite girls doing Asiantique porno out of Japan started something revolutionary. Now anale sexfilmpjes are taking it to new levels with American girls.

They have dicks that don’t know if they are just enlarged clits. They have nut sacks with holes in the middle providing a nice cunt to plant your seed in. So what are you going to do?

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futanari sex

With a cock that big there was no chance that Kiko was going to be able to contain it inside such a small leotard. Not when she could see the large bulge created by her coach’s crotch rocket. All she could think of was sucking on her big fat cock until her coach filled her mouth with white hot spunk!

As her cock made its way out of her leotard out into the open her coach grasped the rock hard wonder wand. She knew that if she took control of the situation it would be defused quicker. She gave it a few squeezes and Kiko felt a big fat cock pressing the thin leotard material into her ass. She reached back and pulled the fabric to the side and without any hesitation that fat dode popped into her tight little bung hole without a problem.

After both hermaphrodite ladies had spent all of their oozing goo they performed a dance so dirty it wasn’t long before they were going sixty-nine on the floor. Sporty Porn has the entire video. Watch it before your cock pops!

Two Hermaphrodites

I don’t have to tell you that hermaphrodites have a hard time when it comes to sex. Not so much once they hit twenty years old or so, but when they are younger kids just don’t understand. Is it a girl or a guy? Do you fuck her or get fucked by her? In extremely rare cases two hermaphrodites might meet one another and hookup for sex. When they do it is like fireworks going off and butterflies in their tummies. Finally they can have sex with somebody who understands them.

Since you, yourself, have an understanding for this sort of thing you might want to view the free porn videos on Own Porn XXX. They keep them fresh with new updates and have lots of movies in HD!

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